Sunday, June 9, 2013

Healthy Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice is absolutely delicious. Most people, including myself, like fruit juice because it is sweet tasting and highly flavourful.

Fruit juices, and fruits in general, are often referred to as the cleansers of the body. Fruits are referred to as cleansers because their natural acidity helps the body clean itself of unwanted bacteria.

In many cultures you will actually see many people drinking water with some lemon juice added to it. Over the years, these cultures have instinctively realized the benefits of even the slightest amount of fruit juice.

If you are looking for some great healthy fruit juice ideas and recopies, then look no further then the vitamix blender. Using your vitamix blender can be a great addition to your kitchen allowing you a great tool to make healthy fruit juice.

The first thing that is important in creating healthy fruit juice is making sure that you use the whole fruit to juice with. Being able to consume the whole fruit fibre, juice and all is really important in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I usually like to add a variety of colour of fruits to my blender when making healthy fruit juice because this way I am making sure I am getting a variety of anti-oxidants and nutrients to my diet.

When making healthy fruit juices, I always encourage people to use dark leafy green vegetables like Swiss chard or kale to the juice as well. If you want a more fruiter juice then just add more fruit in proportion to the amount of vegetables that you use.

A typical juice that I make in the morning with my vitamix blender as a few leaves of Swiss chard or kale, and apple and a banana and usually a couple of handfuls of fresh berries or frozen berries. I will also add a vegan protein power with some hemp seed, ground flax and any other dissolvable nutrient that you would like to add such as vitamin C etc.

You have a choice as to how thick you would like your juice as if you remember from above making sure we consume the fibre part is really important. If you like a thick juice don't use as much water or add more water if you like it more thinly.

Healthy fruit juice is a real vital component to a healthy diet. In North America we are challenged everyday to get enough nutrients, and concentrated fruits and vegetables in a natural whole food juice is a great way to keep the body balance and healthy.

There really is no right or wrong way to make a healthy fruit juice. All you need to be is open to the possibility of experimenting. Every individual has there own preference or favourite vegetable and fruit so start with that first.

I love combining banana's and dark berries. They give such a great unique taste and I always feel full afterwards.

The great thing with the vitamix blender is that it is easy to clean and the juicing is fast so it is a wonderful way to experiment to find your favourite combinations of fruit and vegetables and a quick natural breakfast.

When it comes to choosing a healthy diet for your body, many people don't realize the important role that beverages play. For example, fruit flavoured drinks and soft drinks are not a substitute for real fruit. Many of these drinks only contain 10% real fruit juice. The very best drinks are made from whole fruit and you can make great fruity healthy drinks at home.
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